Keeping the Doors Firmly Closed

How CyGlass Open Cloud XDR provides defense against threats to public sector cyberspace


The Need for Watchfulness

The world has changed. As we emerge from the pandemic period determined to build back better, old certainties must be reassessed and priorities reconsidered. Where there was once clear definition, today’s public sector must be constantly aware of the environment in which it exists, responding and adapting to its changing nature.

In this whitepaper, explore how CyGlass Open Cloud XDR – Extended Detection and Response – can form the basis for a robust defense. By making use of innovations in AI, holistic protection against cyberattack can be quickly and easily deployed throughout organizations at all levels. Cloud-based and scalable, CyGlass provides all-round security to meet the constantly changing requirements of today’s hyper-connected, data-rich public sector workplace environments.

"CyGlass has recognized the need to provide clear and accurate intelligence to inform human decision-making at multiple levels. By choosing CyGlass as a cyber security partner, we can rest assured that critically important decisions will be human, rather than algorithm." 


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