Total Cost of Ownership SaaS vs. Appliance

How CyGlass Cloud-Native SaaS NDR lowers Total Cost of Ownership



Network Detection and Response (NDR) has long been a cornerstone of enterprise cyber defense programs. Critical for identifying and mitigating network risks, detecting and stopping cyberattacks, including ransomware, and providing network control assessments for compliance, NDR is deployed at most of the world's largest organizations.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) measures the overall operating cost, and for appliance-based NDR, it is substantial. Major costs include:

  • Multiple network taps and appliances must be installed to cover all subnets and physical locations
  • The payment of expensive, multi-year subscription licenses
  • Dedicated headcount to operate, maintain, analyze events and execute remediation actions

Cloud-Native SaaS - Lower TCO, Greater Operating Efficiencies

On average, a cloud-native SaaS deployment offers a 3 to 1 value advantage over an appliance-based on-premise deployment.
There are significant cost savings in deploying a cloud-native SaaS NDR solution like CyGlass, especially for small and medium-sized organizations.

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