Network Monitoring and Defence

The Secret Weapon The Bad Guys Want You To Ignore

Network ebook

The bad guys know where your unprotected endpoints are but do you? 

Understanding and defending your network has always been difficult and the bad guys want it to stay that way. The network is key to their success and gives them access to the data they want to ransome or exploit.  

Network monitoring and defence delivered via a SaaS model is your secret weapon against the onslaught of cyber-attacks and should be core to your security strategy. 

Download this ebook to learn 

  • Why network defence is foundational to your security strategy.
  • How understanding your "network normal" allows you to surface risks and early-stage attacks.
  • What risks and attacks network threat detection will uncover and remediate.
  • How network defence supports your compliance efforts
  • If SaaS-based Network Defence is the right solution for your organisation.
  • why we say to our customers, "no SIEM, no SOC, no problem."