Success Story: Crown Agents Bank

"Being able to calibrate our collective security products based on what CyGlass uncovers makes CyGlass not just a standalone product but a force multiplier that generates greater value from our technology investment."

Tom Rybinski
VP of Information Security Risk



When Tom Rybinski joined CAB as IT & Information Security Risk Manager in 2020, there were numerous security technologies already in place but he knew there were products that could provide real-time monitoring and detection of data and flows on the network. Rybinski says that in his experience, he has seen good security products deployed badly and misconfigured, resulting in misleading information or too much ‘noise,’ thereby “preventing the important message from coming through.” The bank needed a tool that would be “easy to implement, configure, and calibrate in accordance with the banks’ risk appetite and tolerance.”

Turning To CyGlass

Rybinski says without analytics, logs are just data and noise. Using CyGlass, with its AI-driven analytics and ability to continuously learn CAB's environment, would provide improvements from the start, as well as over time.  CyGlass works by learning the bank's network without requiring the set-up and tuning of rules and policies.

Crown Agents Bank uses CyGlass to watch for risks across its network, firewall/IDS, backup systems, and cloud Azure and M365 applications. It can correlate threats and guide the team to review security events that need correcting.

CyGlass: “A ‘Detective Tool’ that improves visibility and allows us to monitor the effectiveness of our existing security tools”

Tom Rybinski, VP of Information Security Risk, Crown Agents Bank