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CyGlass Hybrid Cloud Defense

100% AWS Cloud-Native Network and Cloud Defense for Resource Limited Teams

CyGlass Hybrid Cloud Defense (NDaaS) is a cost-effective network visibility, defense, and compliance solution for cyber security teams with distributed, hybrid networks that lack the resources to operate SIEM or appliance-based NDR tools. The CyGlass Hybrid Cloud Defense solution is the only 100% AWS cloud-native network threat detection and response solution. The NDaaS Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform learns and analyzes user, network, and cloud behaviors wherever they emerge: AWS, Microsoft365, Azure, Active Directory, VPNs, firewalls, or network devices. Combining AI, machine learning, threat intelligence, and harmonized security policies, CyGlass NDaaS reduces the massive volume of network traffic into easy-to-understand risk-based smart alerts, investigative views, remediation actions, and threat and compliance reports. It allows teams to detect and respond to threats across hybrid environments.


  • Eliminate Network Blind Spots

  • Prove Continuous Compliance

  • Detect Hidden Attacks

  • Affordable Enterprise Class NDR

Running on AWS dramatically lowers TCO for mid and small organizations

The AWS platform enables the CyGlass NDaaS solution to significantly reduce costs and lower total cost of owner ship (TCO) by eliminating the need to procure, deploy, and configure hardware. CyGlass utilizes AWS to deliver our affordable 100% cloud-native platform anywhere in the world.

AWS scalability and extensibility drives Rapid Threat Detection Globally, 24X7

The SME market has traditionally used only policy-based firewalls to protect its networks, which are ineffective in stopping cyberattacks. Using CyGlass, delivered on the AWS platform, any organization can deploy enterprise-class threat detection and response for network and cloud attacks. CyGlass AI running on AWS meets the operational detection needs of tens of thousands of resource-constrained organizations around the globe.

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"Being able to calibrate our collective security products based on what CyGlass uncovers makes CyGlass not just a standalone product but a force multiplier that generates greater value from our technology investment.”


Tom Rybinski

Information security Risk Manager